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If you'd like to learn more about the photos in your calendar, you may browse through the thumbnails below. They're roughly in seasonal order, starting at the beginning of the year with snowy, cold-looking photos, and ending with Christmas/holiday photos.

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Snow on Embudo Horse Bypass TrailSandia FoothillsClouds and IceIcy SandiasWintry Sandias at SunsetLate Afternoon in WinterClouds and FrostClearing Snowstorm IClearing Snowstorm IISandhill Crane CommuteLow Clouds at SunsetSunset in the Rio Grande ValleyChiricahua National Monument at SunsetMount Taylor Sunset IMount Taylor Sunset IICholla Cactus at SunsetMount Taylor Sunset IIIMoonrise Over Sandstone BluffsPedernal and Abiquiu LakeTaos Storm

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