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Found in New Mexico: A 2013 Photo Calendar

Orders for Found in New Mexico, Lisa Tannenbaum's 2013 photo calendar, are no longer being accepted. The deadline for pre-orders was November 2; calendars will be delivered to you no later than December 15, hopefully sooner. (We'll send them out as soon as we receive them from the supplier but we recall a delay of 3-4 weeks last year from the time we ordered.)

Found in New Mexico is a spiral-bound photo calendar that includes twelve large photos (11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall), one for each month, plus a 13th photo on the cover -- a baker's dozen. All were taken in New Mexico; all but one was taken within the last year (hot off the presses! or something like that). The calendar, when open, is a full 11 x 17 inches (right). Click here to see each of the photos.

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Thanks for your interest!