Zenfolio | High Desert Photos | FAQs


Do you print the photos yourself?

No, HighDesertPhotos.com is hosted by Zenfolio and the printing is done by one of their partners, MPix, an outstanding photo lab used by many professional photographers.

Will the HighDesertPhotos.com watermark show up on the photo prints?

No, the watermarks are only on the Web version of each photo.

What is your return policy?

All print orders are fulfilled through Zenfolio. If you're unhappy with the quality of your order, please contact Zenfolio directly at support@zenfolio.com. If they're unable to resolve your problem, please contact us and let us know what's going on. We can't promise we'll be able to solve the issue, but we will certainly try.

What are shipping costs?

They vary, depending upon which shipping method you choose and the size and weight of your order.

When I add a photo to my shopping cart, it shows up with a box that cuts off part of the picture. Is that the way the photo will be printed (and why)?

Yes, the photo will be printed that way. Most of the photos on HighDesertPhotos have a 3:2 aspect ratio, which essentially means that if the long side of the photo were 3 inches long, the short side would be 2 inches. Print sizes with a 3:2 aspect ratio include 8 x 12; 10 x 15; 12 x 18; 16 x 24; 20 x 30; and 24 x 36.

If you'd like to order a photo in another size (with a different aspect ratio) and don't like the way it's being cropped on the website, please contact us directly and tell us how you'd like it cropped. We'll be happy to crop it to your specifications.

It looks as if the largest size print I can get is an 8 x 12-inch print. Aren't there any other options?

In most cases, yes, much larger print sizes are available. Look at the column on the left side of the page. There are three options there: Best Fit, Small Prints, and Medium & Large Prints. For some reason, the interface often defaults to the Small Prints option. If you'd like something larger, click on Medium & Large Prints on the left side and you'll see more options on the right. Best Fit shows you the sizes that will best accommodate the aspect ratio (see above) of each photo.

I noticed that, when I added a photo to my shopping cart, the size I want says Insufficient photo resolution for this product.

This is very important. In plain English, it means that photo will look awful -- and we do mean awful -- if you order a print at that size. We strongly suggest that you don't. It all boils down to the total number of pixels in a photo. A number of photos simply don't have enough pixels to be printed really large.

If you really, really want a large print of a photo without enough pixels, please contact us, letting us know what size print you want. We may be able to enlarge the photo enough so that it prints well.